Thank you for honoring marriage with your financial support!

Annual Marriage Builders are couples and individuals who are committed to providing financial support annually through one-time or monthly gifts of any amount to help with the ministry of United Marriage Encounter. Learn more...



Annual Marriage Builders is one of many ways to donate to United Marriage Encounter. For other opportunities, please check the links below!

Pay It Forward for another couple

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Why Donate to United Marriage Encounter?


UME has traditionally relied on weekend contributions with a “Pay Forward” financial model and will continue to do so.  For over 40 years this financial model has allowed the ministry to provide weekends to couples regardless of their ability to pay the cost. As a primary CORE value, the ministry will continue to use this model supplemented by the members through our Annual Marriage Builders program. 

UME also is one of the few non-profits that has 0% Administrative Cost due to the insightful and visionary leaders in the past.