Tribute - a sign of respect or admiration, an award to honor a person's accomplishments.

What is the United Marriage Encounter Tribute Fund?

The United Marriage Encounter Tribute Fund is made up of donations received in Honor of, or in Memory of, any couple that is or has been part of the UME Family. Two specific funds have been created and are maintained.  Listed below is an explanation of those funds. They are given in honor of an anniversary, a death, or just because a couple has made a significant difference in your marriage and you want to pass this opportunity on to others.

All tribute gifts will be deposited into the Unrestricted Tribute Fund unless otherwise specified. For unspecified gifts exceeding $500, the donor will be contacted by Marriage Encounter Support Foundation's staff to determine the donor’s intent as to whether it should be placed in the Permanent or Unrestricted Tribute Fund.

Permanent Tribute Fund

Donations to the Permanent Tribute Fund, shall be held by UME as a restricted permanent endowment; shall not be used for any other purpose; and shall not be loaned, pledged, encumbered, spent, or consumed in any way.

The net ordinary investment income of the Permanent Tribute Fund shall be transferred at least annually to the Annual Marriage Builders program unless otherwise directed by the UME-MESF Board of Directors and shall be retroactive for calendar year 2016. (Policy UME-MESF 0029.1)

Unrestricted Tribute Fund 

Donations to the Unrestricted Tribute Fund will be available to support UME special projects, special expenditures or the Annual Marriage Builders program as determined by the Board at the Annual Meeting.

We accept stock transfers, planned gifts through wills, and insurance beneficiaries. If you are looking for some really creative ways to give, we are members of the National Christian Foundation and they can guide you to the right solution for other giving options.